West Florida Dance company was born in 2010.  Miss Tara Lynn moved to Florida and realized that most of the studios in the area were very recreational and lacking the discipline that it takes to run a competitive dance team. From that moment, she knew that it would be her goal to raise the level of dance in the Tampa area.  10 years later, we are proud to say that many of the the area studios have stepped up their game and have made Tampa / Clearwater an awesome place to train for dance. Our competitive team is highly recognized by choreographers all over the country and we pride ourselves on bringing in as many outside choreographers as we can throughout the season to continually challenge our students. Our in-house staff is truly invested in making sure our company members are prepared for any audition, convention, class or competition that they want to attend.  We prepare our company members for the future, whether that is college,  dance, commercial dance, professional dance company life, or to be come a choreographer and teacher.  We never hold our students back from learning and growing.  We want them to expand their wings and be the best version of themselves that they can be.  We are here to guide them and encourage them.  To always be their home base.  WFDC is a family and no matter how large we grow it always feels like home.